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Psychic VivianI come from a long line of gifted psychics and clairvoyants.  As far back as 5 generations there have been talented psychics in my family.  I have known that I am psychic since the age of 5.  I have have traveled all over the world to study different cultures, medicine, healing, herbs, and gems.  I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Chakra Therapist.  I am very devoted to learning the techniques and proper procedures for the various services I offer.  I can do tarot card, palm, and aura readings with incredible accuracy.  I am very knowledgeable about the benefits of varies semiprecious stones, crystals, and gems and keep many on hand to suit my client's individual needs.  I effectively utilize the natural healing ability of herbs, aromatherapy, and essential oils.

Being a clairvoyant and a spiritualist have made me a skilled and perceptive life coach and love therapist.  My insight allows me to view my client's lives with a unique perspective.  I am able to give advice based on the patterns I see from your past, current situation, and by taking a glimpse at your potential future.  I can help shape your future path in life with my exceptional ability of clairvoyance.  Past clients have claimed that I have amazing insight and the ability to improve their lives.

I enjoy being able to use my clairvoyant gift to improve the lives of those around me.  If you have had a past bad experience with a psychic, please don't allow your previous experience to interfere with our conversations.  Give me a chance to prove my abilities to you and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  I am confident in my abilities and how I am able to help my clients.  I look forward to speaking with you!

~ Psychic Vivian Love ~

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All readings are private and confidential.  For entertainment purposes only.  Must be at least 18 years old to contact Psychic Vivian Love.

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